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Pregnancy & Chiropractic

Pregnancy can be accompanied by undesired aches and pains. At Art of Life Chiropractic Clinic, we are committed to providing high quality treatment for you and your growing family.

What are the causes of discomfort during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, your body naturally shifts to allow room for the increased weight and change in body shape that comes with carrying a child. However, pregnancy can also cause pain and discomfort that decreases quality of life significantly.

Half of all pregnant women develop lower back pain at some point during a pregnancy. The baby’s head creates increased pressure on the sciatic nerve, causing leg and lower back pain called sciatica. Neck pain, due to increased body weight, is another discomfort common among pregnant women.

Additionally, the weight gain associated with pregnancy may cause sore joints and ligaments. While the body releases hormones to encourage these ligaments to stretch and make room for the baby, this soreness is still a major aspect of pregnancy pain. Also, the forward-placed weight of the baby creates extra stress on the spine, sometimes causing increased curvature of the upper and lower spine.

Is chiropractic care during pregnancy safe?

Safety is the first goal in caring for an expectant mother and her unborn baby. Chiropractors are trained and equipped to treat pregnant women, and many women report significant pain relief as a result of chiropractic treatment.

Current literature suggests chiropractic care is generally very safe for pregnant women and your chiropractor can work with you to devise a treatment plan during your pregnancy. Patients who may be experiencing a high-risk pregnancy or who have any safety concerns should always consult with an obstetrician before seeking chiropractic care.

How can I get relief from pregnancy-related pain?

For expectant mothers who wish to avoid taking pain-relieving drugs, chiropractic care is a safe, natural alternative. Chiropractic treatment can significantly reduce pain and discomfort during pregnancy by realigning the body and relieving pressure that causes lower back pain.

A study by Cynthia K. Peterson and colleagues at the University of Zürich, Switzerland, found that most pregnant women who sought chiropractic treatment for lower back pain experienced improvement in pain as a result of the treatment.

Additionally, chiropractic treatment can help mothers recover after delivery. The forward weight of the baby can cause a change in weight distribution on the pelvis, creating extra pressure on the spine and frontal pelvis. After delivery, ligaments and joints that loosened to allow room for the baby begin to tighten up. Chiropractic care post-delivery can restore pelvic balance and spinal alignment as joint tighten, preventing permanent injury as a result of pregnancy.

Dr. Jordan’s Chiropractic Treatment for Pregnancy-Related Pain:

THROUGHOUT PREGNANCY The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association recommends chiropractic care throughout pregnancy to assist with pelvic alignment and fetal positioning.

Potential benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy include:

  • Maintaining a healthier pregnancy

  • Controlling symptoms of nausea

  • Reducing the time of labor and delivery

  • Relieving back, neck or joint pain

  • Preventing a potential cesarean delivery


At Art of Life Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Jordan Quint can recommend gentle stretches and exercises to relieve pregnancy-related soreness and help your body adjust to the changes of pregnancy with less pain. You can also seek advice about the ergonomics of your sleeping and sitting posture to prevent unnecessary pain due to bad positioning.

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